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Questions and doubts are a natural part of life but when too many questions remain unanswered, vision can become clouded and life can feel out of control. However, when approached in the right context, questions can actually propel you forward and doubts can allow to you discover incredible places of truth. Life Coaching can help you look inside to find the answers to your questions and start you stepping forward toward pursuing your passions and God-given purpose.

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Motivational Interview Training

Motivational Interviewing is a person-centered, non-judgmental, guiding approach to elicit behavior change by helping people hear themselves while they explore and resolve their own ambivalence and motivation to change. Motivational Interviewing is a highly sought after training course to equip helping professionals become more effective in guiding people to live an improved, healthier and empowered lifestyle.

Kathy Cordell has been conducting Motivational Interview Training seminars since 2008. She has trained well over 1000 people across the spectrum of helping professions including, nurses, doctors, educators, dieticians, health coaches, pastors, victim advocates, mentors, suicide prevention, substance use prevention and mental health professionals. The training is fun, interactive, challenging and will change the perspective and increase the conversational skills of attendees. Introductory and advanced classes are available.

"Kathy Cordell is a passionate communicator dedicated to helping others realize their potential. Her love for the work she does is more than apparent to anyone who has had the privilege of collaborating with, or learning, from her. Kathy's high quality presentations draw in her audiences and her enthusiasm motivates them toward action. She effectively introduces theory and demonstrates the real world application of subject matter. Kathy is a gifted instructor who inspires those lucky enough to work with her."
         -Keith Howard, Gillette, WY, program coordinator and class attendee

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Kathyís speaking style is extremely candid, revealing and vulnerable as she shares of her own struggles in life and her Christian walk. She passionately shares bold messages which are universally relatable to seekers and new believers as well as the spiritually mature. Scripture and prayer are the foundation of her messages and Kathy uses humor to tickle places in womenís hearts that may have never been touched before. She has been a presenter at Intimate Issues and MOPs Conferences as well as the keynote speaker at several other events including Women of Worship Conferences and retreats.

Kathy speaks on a wide variety of subjects including intimacy with God, identity, Godís perspective on sexual intimacy, purpose, prayer and spiritual warfare. She is highly flexible with her speaking topics and can most often create or adjust a seminar or workshop to fit your needs and time guidelines.

When Kathy Cordell speaks, women listen. Kathy speaks with a powerful anointing from God that is rooted in a humble heart. This combination, plus her naked honesty and her use of creative imagery, makes women lean forward in their chairs of very word that comes from her mouth. In a "fast food" world filled with empty, shallow words, Kathy offers messages filled with meat that nourish and enrich the soul.
        -Lorraine Pintus, International Author, Speaker and Writing Coach

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What People are Saying

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    "I love working with clients one-on-one to help them effect change in their lives but I also love to train others in motivational techniques."
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